The sociopath is the ultimate predator!

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June 28, 2013 at 11:26 pm

Great blog! I too after my husband died fell for a sociopath in the neighborhood. He was my soulmate and perfect. But apparently had a lot of girlfriends, and those who were just entertainment. Since I did not have money and a young widow I was filed under “just entertainment” value! Like the others, they probably didn’t know that like me.

Long story short he threw me under the bus, since I was just sex for him, whilst he was everything to me and I loved him. I fell into a deep depression, not understanding what happened. Now only a few months later, he now has a new girlfriend whom he’s going to marry.

Ironically she has a young autistic son like one of his victims in the neighborhood, who lost everything and had to move… He has a biological autistic son which he abandoned after he was born 18 years ago who is in jail! Now you see a pattern to his predatory tendency, including women who have a black lab (dog) like his. It is how he hooks you! He is not good looking man but has a lot of charisma.

Anyways, God sent me men and women within the neighborhood, who knew of his reputation. God lifted the fog from my eyes. I now have a great new job, running for the neighborhood board (which his services will no longer be required), having a lot of fun and talking to people.

He’s stares at me since he no longer has control over me. Especially after he threatened me when I met one of his Ex’s and learned the truth about him. Amazing what a police report can do! He’s also spreading gossip about me, while I’m telling the truth about him. The “I’m getting married and etc.”, isn’t working, particularly when he sees a big ass smile on my face. He should worry when I report him to the state inspector for working fraudulently for the board not being licensed and bonded and being paid over the max of $200. In the nutshell he messed with the wrong woman. He can do his predatory stare all he wants, its not going to work a second time on me. I’ve got to go now I have a date! : )

Dating a Sociopath

A sociopath will identify his target, and if given the opportunity, if the assessment of the target shows that there can be potentially good yield. The sociopath will move in swiftly.

The sociopath is like an eagle who see’s his prey from the sky, and with beady eyes swoops in for the kill.


Photo – Rob Palmer

Other people, to the sociopath, are merely prey, targets, victims to be used. They move in close to their prey, watching and observing, they move in close, before going in for the kill.

The spectacular thing about this, is that you do not see an eagle, with sharp talons hunting its prey heading towards you. Instead, you see a dove of peace, there is something about this dove, which is different, you can’t quite put your finger on it. But, it looks like a dove, so you allow it close to you. What…

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